I first noticed Rishii’s magical and dynamic qualities when I photographed him playing tabla for 7 hours non-stop to raise money for BBC Children in Need in 2009.

Seeing this super human endeavour, I knew back then that he was destined to achieve great things.

He is already showing it in his current work with YoTabla and many other creative projects that he is involved in.

Hitz Rao


Rishii’s knowledge and dedication to Tabla is ever growing and impenetrable making him an inventive and perceptive musician, with a well refined and emotive style to call his own.

Sanjay Kundalia

Founder and Editor of nadabrahma.co.uk

Rishii always pours his energy and love through his exciting tabla playing style.

His cool, calm and spiritual attitude always makes it an absolute pleasure to work with him.

Roopa Panesar


Rishii brings with him a versatility that’s allows him to experiment with classical sounds and play them with for a modern audience

Samir Bhamra

Artistic Director, Phizzical Productions

I first met Rishii as part of the Performing Arts Leicester Next Gen Leadership programme.

Not only is he diverse in his skills, ranging from his artistic practice to mentoring and developing others, but he has buckets of enthusiasm, good will and energy.

A truly driven individual.

Bob Christer

Artist Educator, Project Manager & Mentor Pedestrian Charity

Assam’s overseas youth icon.

Aiyushman Dutta Barua

Journalist and Secretary of Eastern Beats Music Society, Assam India.

Part of the next generation of legends.

SAMPAD Arts Organisation

As a resident tutor at Attenborough Arts, Rishii’s work is always well received, popular and innovative.

John Kirby

Acting Programming Officer, Attenborough Arts Centre

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rishii for a number of years. He has a raw magnetism.

I have witnessed his growth and seen the pleasure he brings to audiences and his students.

Rishii is very well loved.

Priest Hemang Bhatt